| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Amid mass testing and lockdown, China orders migrants in Xi’an not to leave city

Authorities in Shaanxi province have ordered workers not to leave for home during New Year and Spring holidays, as China battles the pandemic.
China’s Xi’an city has emerged as the new epicentre of the virus as authorities have imposed wide-ranging lockdown of the city.
On Saturday, Xi’an witnessed a flare-up of COVID-19 cases with 155 confirmed coronavirus cases with 485 locally transmitted cases detected.
China’s state-run Global Times reported the coronavirus virus cases have been fueled by the Delta variant as authorities have moved in to seal residents of Shaanxi province and tightened restrictions.
Reports said authorities have imposed fines of upto $7,852 on businesses who have been found to be hoarding goods or indulging in overpricing.
The Chinese daily reported that the virus surge has spilled over to other provinces including Henan, Guangdong and capital Beijing.
Reports claim “infection chains” were detected in multiple districts. There are nearly 13 million residents in Xi’an who have been put under lockdown as authorities started a mass testing campaign to rein in the virus.
The authorities have disallowed cars on the road in Xi’an with fines and detention on those who break the rule.
China recorded 206 coronavirus cases on Sunday. The country continues to fight the pandemic nearly two years after it was first reported in Wuhan.
China had reported the first case of coronavirus to the World Health Organisation on December 31, 2019.