| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Amid rise in Omicron cases, China imposes travel restrictions in Tianjin

Chinese authorities moved to tighten travel restrictions in Tianjin, in light of rise in Omicron cases.
On Tuesday, China had shut down another city after Xi’an as coronavirus cases continue to mount.
Tianjin officials suspended bus and charter services heading to Beijing as the city reported 97 new coronavirus cases amid a new wave.
China’s state-run Global Times reported that one student who was detected with the Omicron variant had reportedly infected over ten people.
The officials had earlier shutdown Anyang city after it reported 84 confirmed infections including Omicron cases.
The Chinese daily said that “traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) will play a larger role in the treatment of Omicron”.
The authorities have set up several inspection sites on roads to test residents. Travel towards Beijing has been restricted with the capital city set to host the Winter Olympics next month. International air travellers have been ordered to produce a negative nucleic acid test.
The Chinese newspaper said the health officials are expecting the wave to ease in time for the Chinese spring festival.
Chinese officials had ordered the suspension of over 60 US flights after passengers tested positive as they arrived back in the country as Delta and other American airlines moved to cancel flights.