| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Amid Taiwan drills, China to conduct live-fire exercise near Korean peninsula

As China continued its drill for the second consecutive day on Saturday, Taiwan mobilised its air and ground patrol units, saying that the Communist nation was simulating an attack on its main island.
The drills are the largest ever conducted by China near Taiwan and comes just a day after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded her visit to the island nation angering China.
Taiwan informed that at least 20 warplanes and ships were detected in waters surrounding the island nation as China conducted joint air and sea operations. Taipei stated that at least 14 Chinese fighters crossed the median line demarcating the two nations as Taiwan pressed its Air Force into action to ward off the jets.
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken asserted that the Biden administration was “determined to act responsibly” to avoid a major global crisis.

Taiwan’s President Tsai ing-Wen emphasised that her country will not “escalate conflicts or provoke disputes” but will “firmly” defend the country’s sovereignty while adding: “We are calm and not impetuous, we are rational and not provocative.”

Reports claimed earlier Chinese missiles had flown over Taiwan during the drills. The military exercise near Taiwan is expected to end on Sunday.

Amid continued tensions, the Xi regime said it will hold live-fire drills in the Yellow Sea between China and the Korean peninsula from Saturday until August 15.

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