| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Angelina Jolie visits Lviv, trip interrupted by sirens

Angelina Jolie paid a visit to the Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday, heading to the train station to meet individuals displaced by the war with Russia before departing as air-raid sirens sounded.

Jolie, 46, is a special envoy for the UN refugee agency, which reports that over 12.7 million people have fled their homes in the last two months, accounting for around 30 percent of Ukraine’s pre-war population.

During her visit to the station, Jolie talked with volunteers who help with the homeless, who told her that each of the psychiatrists on duty spoke to roughly 15 individuals every day. According to volunteers, many of those at the station are youngsters aged two to ten.

During her visit to the station, she tickled a tiny red-dressed girl, who burst out laughing. She also posed for pictures with the volunteers and some of the kids.

Later, air-raid sirens began to ring, and Jolie and her attendants dashed out of the station and into a waiting vehicle.

As a special envoy, Jolie visited Yemen last month, where millions of people have been uprooted by violence.

  • Reuters