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Another Ukrainian drone hits high-rise office tower in Moscow

According to Russian media reports on Tuesday (August 1), a Ukrainian drone reportedly struck an office tower in Moscow.
The city’s mayor said that several drones were shot down while attempting to fly into Moscow. One of the drones hit the same office tower in Moscow City that was struck earlier, causing damage to the facade on the 21st floor.

Media reports claimed the damaged portion of the building was allegedly used for housing officials from Russia’s digital ministry.
“One (drone) flew into the same tower in (Moscow) City as last time. The facade on the 21st floor was damaged,” Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a post on Telegram.

“There is no information on casualties”, he said, adding that emergency services were on the scene.

This incident followed a drone attack on Sunday, where Ukrainian drones targeted Moscow, damaging two office towers in Moscow City.
In response to the drone attack, Moscow’s Vnukovo international airport briefly closed, but it later resumed normal operations.

“Vnukovo was temporarily closed for arrivals and departures, the planes are redirected to other airports,” Russian news agency TASS quoted an emergency official as saying.
Drone attacks becoming more frequent in Moscow
These drone attacks have become more frequent in the region, with Moscow and its surrounding areas being targeted despite their distance from the Ukrainian border.

This is the fourth time such attacks have occurred since May, when two drones were shot over the Kremlin.

Moscow has accused Kyiv of being behind these attacks, while the Kremlin views them as acts of desperation due to setbacks on the battlefield during Ukraine’s counteroffensive in June.

Has Ukraine claimed the responsibility?
Ukraine, despite often celebrating such attacks on Russia or Russian-annexed Crimea with cryptic or mocking remarks, typically refrains from claiming responsibility. However, in an unusually direct warning to Russia, President Zelensky hinted at the possibility of future attacks inside Russia during his overnight address on Sunday.

Earlier, on Monday, there was a Russian missile strike on a residential building in Kryvyi Rih, resulting in the death of six people and injuring 73 others. Ukrainian officials condemned this attack as an “act of Russian terror.”

President Zelenskiy, who grew up in Kryvyi Rih and where his parents still reside, expressed strong concern over the strikes on his hometown.

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