| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Arab League condemns Israel for ‘war crimes’ in Jenin

The general secretariat of the League of Arab States has issued a condemnation against the Israeli army for what they perceive as the “use of excessive military force” against the residents of Jenin in the northern region of the West Bank on Monday.
The Arab League also denounced the use of “aviation, against unarmed people in cities, villages, and camps, as well as the attacks and terrorism perpetrated by settlers under the protection of the Israeli army.”

In a statement on Monday, the Arab League held Israel “fully responsible for this aggression and these crimes as war crimes and violations of covenants, laws and resolutions of international legitimacy.”

The league said Israel’s actions undermined attempts to ensure peace and stability in the region.

It warned of “the consequences of this aggression and its extremely dangerous repercussions on security and stability in Palestine and the region.”

The league called on the international community, especially the UN Security Council, to stop Israel’s aggression and provide protection for the Palestinian people.

The Arab League’s Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit said on Twitter on Monday that “the bombing of cities and camps by planes and the bulldozing of houses and roads is a collective punishment and revenge that will only lead to further detonation of the situation.”

He added: “We appeal to peace advocates around the world to intervene immediately to stop this sinister and criminal process.”

Israel’s army radio said that more than 1,000 soldiers and dozens of drones were taking part in the military operation in Jenin on Monday.

In a statement, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the assault, saying that Israel was flouting international law, which imposes clear and specific obligations on the country as the occupying power.

Egypt warned of “the serious dangers of the ongoing Israeli escalation against the Palestinians, which leads to fueling tension, exacerbating the suffering of the Palestinian people, and undermining the efforts made by Egypt and its regional and international partners to reduce tension in the occupied territories.”

Cairo called on “international actors and influencers to intervene to put an end to these violations and provide protection for the Palestinian people, whose suffering is increasing day by day.”

A reported eight Palestinians have been killed since the military operation began at dawn on Monday.

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