| 28 November 2023, Tuesday |

Arab League Sec-Gen: No International Will to Stop Israel’s Aggression on Gaza

Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, expressed his disappointment, calling it shameful that the Security Council did not pass the two resolutions regarding the situation in Gaza.
Aboul Gheit stressed that the failure embodies the lack of a real international will to end the Israeli military operation in Gaza despite the flagrant violation of international humanitarian law by targeting civilians.

On Thursday, the Sec-Gen noted that the failure to reach a Resolution puts the Security Council’s credibility and ability to maintain international peace and security to question.

He revealed that international forces reject a ceasefire and insist on giving Israel a license to destroy the Gaza Strip and target civilians claiming it was “right to self-defense.”

Aboul Gheit warned that this situation contributes to the escalation of the conflict and expanding its scope.

The parties that insist on continuing this war, with all the tragedies and disasters it has produced, must review their positions and consider the consequences of granting Israel the green light to engage in killing and destruction, said the Sec-Gen.

The Arab League organized Thursday a session on “Arab Media in the Face of False Israeli Narrative about Gaza,” asserting the need to strengthen media presence in support of the Palestinian cause, especially with “the increasing spread of violent speeches inciting hatred and ideological extremism.

The special session of the Arab Media Leaders Forum included the participation of several Arab media leaders and experts.

Speaking at the Forum, the Assistant Sec-Gen and Head of the Media and Communication Sector, Ahmed Rashid Khattabi, affirmed that the “destructive Israeli attacks” on the Gaza Strip have plunged the Palestinian-Israeli conflict into an extremely perilous state.

Khattabi asserted that the attacks underscored the urgent need to seek a political solution for this bitter conflict, aimed at achieving a fair and sustainable resolution, the two-state solution, and the Arab Peace Initiative.

“Any delay or inaction in addressing the escalating tensions poses a significant threat to the security and stability of the Middle East region and global peace.”

The forum aims to develop an Arab strategy to confront the Israeli narrative of the war. The Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip has been ongoing since October 7.

“Beneath the tragic images of these brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip, a region already suffering from a severe blockade and ongoing Israeli incursions into the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, we are witnessing a media war, or more accurately, a propaganda battle waged through social media networks,” Khattabi stated.

He noted Israel’s utilization of algorithms and application software to suppress Palestinian content on social media and hinder its dissemination in digital spaces, adding that these efforts extend to elements within Western media that support Israel at the expense of freedoms and rights.

Furthermore, Khattabi cautioned that the situation resulted in the imposition of sanctions or warnings against media figures, influencers, athletes, and artists who sought to make the Palestinian voice heard.

The recent period witnessed criticism of Western media outlets and social networking sites for adopting the Israeli narrative.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) even referred journalists for investigation for showing support for Palestine on their social media accounts.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat