| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Arab League underlines ‘grave’ situation in Middle East

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit underlined on Thursday the “grave” situation in the Middle East.


The region has been going through a cycle of protracted crises since 2011 that have affected its security, economy and overall situation, said Assistant Secretary-General of Arab League, Ambassador Hossam Zaki, on Aboul Gheit’s behalf, during the founding meeting of the Arab Peace Group at the headquarters of the League in Cairo.


He called for the formation of a comprehensive Arab vision and an integrated strategy to address the challenges.


“The unprecedented crises the whole world is going through, such as the coronavirus pandemic and the war on Ukraine, have exacerbated the situation in the Arab region,” leading to the emergence of unexpected threats, such as the food crisis and economic slowdown, he added.


He lamented that “our societies are still incapable of coming up with ideas that can confront the challenges. They still lack a vision to form the appropriate response to them.”


He hoped that the Arab Peace Group would create new ideas and initiatives and serve as a resource for Arab societies that need different voices and non-traditional ideas.


Separately, Zaki underscored the Arab position towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


During a meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf, he stressed the important role the US administration can play in advancing efforts to achieve comprehensive peace and the aspired settlement.


The officials discussed regional and international developments and the repercussions of the war in Ukraine, as well as the Syrian crisis and the stalled political settlement there.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat