| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

As the UAE’s COVID-19 cases plummet, vaccination centers fall silent

A vaccination center in the heart of Dubai, which was once a bustling clinic full of people waiting to receive their COVID-19 injection, is now silent.

During the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the vaccination clinic at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, managed by healthcare provider VPS, was providing vaccines to around 650 patients on a daily basis.

During a tour of the clinic, Saed al-Salaymeh, the hospital’s head of nursing, told Al Arabiya English that the figure had now dropped by nearly 90%.

“If we go back to January, when the UAE launched its immunization campaign, the number of individuals in Dubai who had gotten one dosage was over four million.” We were contacting a large number of individuals every day.”

The decrease in the number of patients getting vaccinated at the clinic is mirrored across VPS’s network of clinics across the United Arab Emirates, he added.

The vaccination clinic at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery now sees roughly 60 patients every day for a vaccine injection, with the majority receiving a booster dose rather than their first or second jab.

“Every day, I get a list that tells me how many individuals are getting their first dosage, how many are getting their second dose, and how many are getting their booster dose,” al-Salaymeh added.

Booking a patient’s first dosage is now “very unusual.”

According to the latest numbers from the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, the clinic’s silence is emblematic of the UAE’s successful vaccination effort, which has seen 99.86 percent of the population receive one dose of COVID-19 and 90.07 percent completely immunized (NCEMA).

Nurse Inigio Shalini Lourdusamy has applauded the UAE’s immunization push.

“Before it was so hectic, we didn’t have time to eat,” she said of her stints as a frontline worker at the outset of the UAE’s immunization program. It’s completely different now.”

“Since last month, we’ve only seen about 70 to 80 individuals every day.” It’s becoming smaller all the time. We are anticipating 30 persons today. Because so many people have already taken their immunization.”

Sunil Thilakasiri, a patient, was among those who received a vaccination at the clinic.

“The whole procedure has been quite straightforward,” the Indian national said after receiving his second dosage of the Pfizer vaccine. “I had no negative effects after the first dose.”

Saeed al-Khoori, another patient, was also getting his second dose of the Pfizer vaccination.

“From start to finish, everything was pretty straightforward,” he stated. “As soon as I had my first dose, I got a reminder to schedule my second.”

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