| 15 April 2024, Monday |

At Least Seventeen People Injured in Tourist Bus Accident in Germany’s East

At least 17 people were injured in the traffic accident involving a tourist bus in Germany’s east, nine of them are in grave condition, and causes of the accident are yet to be established, a spokesman for Cottbus police said on Friday.

“According to the available information, there were 17 passengers and two drivers in the bus. We assume that at least 17 people sustained injuries of various degrees of severity … Nine people were gravely injured”, the police spokesman told N24 broadcaster, adding that causes of the accident remain uncertain.

Earlier in the day, RBB broadcaster reported that 18 people were injured in the accident. The A13 autobahn is shut off in both directions, four rescue helicopters are operating at the site. The bus reportedly overturned during an attempt to pull into a parking lot from the highway.

  • NNA