| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Attempted Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia leaves two children injured, 14 homes damaged

An attempted Iran-backed Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia left two children injured and 14 residential homes damaged on Saturday, according to a statement by the Saudi Ministry of Defense.

Saudi Arabia intercepted and destroyed three ballistic missiles and three explosive-laden drones launched by the extremist militia towards the Kingdom’s Eastern Region, Jizan, and Najran, ministry spokesman Brigadier General Turki al-Maliki said.

Al-Maliki added that the interception caused shrapnel to scatter over a neighborhood in Dammam’s suburb, which resulted in the injury of two Saudi children.

Fourteen residential houses were slightly damaged during the process.

Brigadier-General al-Maliki indicated that this barbaric and irresponsible behavior by the militia in trying to target civilians and civilian objects, is incompatible with heavenly values and humanitarian principles.

“This reflects the reality of the conduct of military operations on the ground, the deterioration of the militia’s position on the fronts, and its loss of important field leaders,” al-Maliki added.

Al-Maliki stressed that the Ministry of Defense will take the necessary and deterrent measures to protect its lands and capabilities and stop such hostile and cross-border attacks to protect civilians and civilian objects in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.

  • alarabiya