| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Azerbaijan says it has sealed ‘consensus’ to host COP29

On Saturday, Azerbaijan declared it had attained a consensus to host the 2024 UN climate conference, marking the second successive summit of its nature to take place in a significant fossil fuel-producing nation.
“I am delighted to announce that there is an overall consensus on the candidacy of Azerbaijan to host COP29,” Mukhtar Babayev, minister of ecology and natural resources, said at the COP28, which is currently taking place in Dubai.

“We are committed to working inclusively and collaboratively with everyone to ensure the success of COP29,” he added.
The decision over where COP29 would be held had been delayed after Russia said it would veto any European Union country’s bid.

Azerbaijan’s bid still needs to be formally ratified by the nearly 200 countries present at the COP28, but the vote is expected to be a formality.

Azerbaijan and Armenia struck a deal on Thursday, meaning Baku could bid for COP29 without the threat of an Armenian veto.

Also on Saturday, demonstrations occurred at the COP28 climate summit as protesters carried signs for imprisoned human rights activists in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, the past and current host of the talks.

Talks at this year’s UN conference in Dubai have centered around ending fossil fuel extraction, placing scrutiny on the host country, a member of the OPEC oil cartel whose leadership has strongly opposed such calls.

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