| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

‘Bald attempt’ to win votes? South Korean prez candidate calls for hair treatment’s inclusion in health cover

No, it is not a joke, People suffering hair loss in South Korea may have a reason to cheer soon. If the ruling party’s presidential candidate comes to power, they may get an ‘uplift’.
Lee Jae-myung has proposed this week that the hair treatment should get included in the country’s public healthcare insurance cover.
Over the proposal, a fierce debate has started in the nation.
Although the idea has got a flurry of messages in support on online communities for people suffering with hair loss, it has also attracted accusations that it is just an attempt to win votes.
Lee, who belongs to the Democratic party, said around 10 million people suffer from hair loss but several order medicines from overseas or go for prostate drugs as an alternative as the treatment is too costly.
The presidential candidate told reporters on Wednesday that hair regrowth treatments should be covered under the national health insurance programme.
“Please, let us know what has been inconvenient for you over hair-loss treatments and what must be reflected in policies. I’ll present a perfect policy on hair-loss treatment,” he wrote on Facebook.
In support of his proposal, numerous messages came in. It has also attracted criticism as the opposition is calling it the latest item on populist agenda of Lee.