| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Bashagha Urges Britain’s Help to Remove Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries from Libya

Libya’s east-based parliament appointed Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha called on Tuesday British leaders to help remove the mercenaries of Russia’s Wagner Group from his country.

In an article published by The Times newspaper, Bashagha declared his desire for a strategic partnership with Britain at the business, security and intelligence levels.

“Today my country is facing one of its toughest battles yet; as Ukrainian troops battle Russia with British missiles, we in Libya are fighting the same fight,” the PM-designate wrote.

“As a Libyan, I know what it is like to see foreign forces enter your country illegally,” he stressed.

Bashagha explained that since 2014, thousands of mercenaries from Wagner, a private military group, have been in Libya, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Addressing his “British friends” at the government of Boris Johnson, the Libyan official said his government is ready to work with Britain if the latter needs a partner in Africa to resist Russia.

He said his country needs the assistance of British businessmen in rebuilding Libya and providing services to the people, stressing that the Libyans do not want to see another decade of civil war, nor do they want to see the Wagner mercenaries looting their cities and villages.

Moreover, Bashagha expressed Libya’s willingness to take part in efforts to help the world wean itself off Russian oil.

He said that Libyan oil and gas can help make up for the global oil shortage, and help bring down fuel prices in Britain.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat