| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Belgium-Morocco World Cup match triggers riots in Brussels, dozen people detained

Belgian police detained twelve persons and made one arrest, following rioting in Brussels on Sunday caused by Morocco’s victory over Belgium in the World Cup game in Qatar, which resulted in the burning of a car and several electric scooters.

In numerous locations throughout the Belgian capital, there were riots when scores of soccer fans—some of whom were wearing Moroccan flags—confronted riot police using water cannons and tear gas.

“Around 7 p.m. calm returned and preventive patrols remain in place in the sectors concerned,” police spokesperson Ilse Van de Keere said.

“The rioters used pyrotechnic material, projectiles, sticks, and set fire on the public highway,” the police said. “Also, a journalist was injured in the face by fireworks. It is for these reasons that it was decided to proceed with a police intervention, with the deployment of water cannon and the use of tear gas,” the police said.

  • Reuters