| 5 December 2023, Tuesday |

Biden says he will announce run for re-election ‘soon’

President Joe Biden of the United States announced on Friday that he has chosen to run for a second term and would publicly announce his re-election campaign “relatively soon.”

“We’ll make an announcement soon.” “However, the trip here just reinforced my sense of optimism about what can be done,” Biden said to reporters at the end of an emotional trip to Ireland. “I told you I was going to run again.”

Biden has long stated his intention to run for re-election, but the lack of a formal announcement has left fans wondering if the 80-year-old Democrat, one of the world’s oldest leaders, will truly commit to another four-year term.

Yet behind the scenes, close aides and allies have already begun putting the steps in place to stand up a campaign infrastructure and fundraising apparatus ahead of a 2024 bid that could be a re-run of the 2020 match-up with Republican ex-president Donald Trump, who has already launched his campaign.

Biden’s expected pitch is to “finish the job” after a first term that included several legislative wins, including billions of dollars in federal funds to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and for new infrastructure.

But Biden’s age makes his re-election bid a historic and risky gamble for the Democratic Party, which faces a tough election map to hold the Senate in 2024 and is the minority in the House of Representatives now. Biden’s approval ratings are stuck in the low 40s; he would be 86 by the end of a prospective second term, nine years older than the average U.S. male life expectancy.

Doctors declared Biden, who does not drink alcohol and exercises five times a week, “fit for duty” after an examination in February. The White House says his record shows that he is mentally sharp enough for the rigors of the job.

  • Reuters