| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Biden seeks supply chain, Iran agreements on overseas trip -aide

The itinerary for US President Joe Biden’s meetings in Europe is taking shape, and it includes talks with France and Turkey on the fringes of the G20 and United Nations climate change meetings.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters traveling with the president on Thursday that Biden’s meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday would “cover the waterfront” of problems as the two heal fences after a breach over a US-UK-Australia security accord.

The gathering will cover topics such as Middle East counterterrorism, competitiveness with China, the economy, commerce, and technology.

The main topic on Saturday at a meeting among Biden, Macron and leaders of Germany and Britain will be the status of the Iranian nuclear program.

Sullivan said Biden would be working toward a “shared strategy and solidarity and unity in our approach” on Iran but did not specify if the leaders would discuss a resumption of talks with Tehran.

The White House also expects Biden to meet with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Sullivan said. Erdogan has said he wants to discuss a suspended deal with Washington over F-16 fighter jets.

Biden is also hoping to find common ground with world leaders on easing supply chain bottlenecks at a forum he is hosting on Sunday, Sullivan told reporters.

The United States hopes to reach agreements at the meetings on new international commitments on vaccines, preparing for future pandemics and climate change.

Biden plans to give his major climate change address of the trip on Monday at the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow, according to the White House.

  • Reuters