| 18 June 2024, Tuesday |

Biden to ask McCarthy to show Republican budget in White House meeting

Prior to his meeting with the Republican House speaker on Wednesday to discuss the nation’s spending, President Joe Biden will present his proposed budget on March 9, the White House announced on Tuesday.

According to a White House memo seen by Reuters, Biden will ask Kevin McCarthy to commit to paying down the nation’s debt during the meeting and to provide a budget plan.

McCarthy and other conservatives, who narrowly took back control of the House of Representatives in November, are threatening to obstruct a yearly raise in the country’s debt ceiling unless Biden commits to cutting back on spending. Biden has stated that it is impossible to negotiate over previously approved U.S. spending, which is typically bipartisan.

Republicans have not yet agreed on how fiscal spending should be trimmed, or firmed up the parameters of a 2023 budget.

The White House has seized on the lack of consensus to highlight fringe proposals from some Republicans, including one that abolishes the Internal Revenue Service in favor of a higher sales tax and one that trims Social Security retirement benefits.

Asked what his message will be for McCarthy, Biden told reporters on Monday: “Show me your budget, I’ll show you mine.”

McCarthy responded with an admonition to Biden to not rule out negotiations before their White House meeting.

“The first thing they should do, especially as the president of the United States: say he’s willing to sit down and find a common ground and negotiate together,” McCarthy said on Tuesday.

  • Reuters