| 23 June 2024, Sunday |

Biden to meet with Xi at APEC summit for face-to-face talks

President Xi Jinping of China is scheduled to engage in a rare, direct meeting with US President Joe Biden on Wednesday.
The two leaders are in San Francisco for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC) summit.

Their first meeting since last November will take place far from the summit at Filoli estate, a venue miles outside San Francisco chosen for its security, serenity and remoteness.

“We’re all expecting that this will be a productive discussion today, and hopefully, a precursor to much more communication and dialogue between our two teams going forward,” White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said on Wednesday ahead of the talks.

What’s on the agenda?
Kirby listed a number of topics that Biden intended to bring up with Xi at the meeting, which will be the Chinese leader’s first time in the US since 2017.

They include “tensions in the Taiwan Strait” and the human rights situation faced by Uyghurs in Xinjiang province, Kirby said on Wednesday.

Kirby previously said the two leaders would likely also discuss other geopolitical issues like North Korea’s missile tests, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Israel’s war against Hamas, which the US and others categorize as a terrorist organization.
Other issues up for discussion include jointly addressing climate change, managing the growth of artificial intelligence and curbing the flow of fentanyl.

On Tuesday, on the eve of the meeting, Biden walked back previous rhetoric about economically “decoupling” from China.

“We’re not trying to decouple from China. What we’re trying to do is change the relationship for the better,” Biden said

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