| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Blinken calls for calm amid Israel-Palestine tensions; Netanyahu evokes Iran nuclear weapons

Coinciding with the recent judicial overhaul by Netanyahu government which received widespread condemnations, US State Secretary Antony Blinken, who arrived in Israel on Monday, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem where he highlighted Washington’s commitment to core democratic principles and institutions. In the past days, Israel-Palestine ties have also gone for a toss with both regions blaming one another for missile attacks.
“Throughout the relationship between our countries, what we come back to time and again is that it is rooted both in shared interests and in shared values,” said Blinken, reported Times of Israel.

“That includes our support for core democratic principles and institutions, including respect for human rights, the equal administration of justice for all, the equal rights of minority groups, the rule of law, free press, a robust civil society – and the vibrancy of Israel’s civil society has been on full display of late,” he added.

US-Israel relations are marred with disagreements, for instance, over Iran’s nuclear deal. For years now, Israel has been calling for a tougher stance on Iran’s nuclear program alleging that the US will not put its foot down and let go of the Vienna talks.
Netanyahu’s talks were centered on Iran. “Our policy, and my policy, is to do everything within Israel’s power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them,” Netanyahu said during his meeting with Blinken.

Since Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-led far-right government took the reigns, there have been many protests across the nation. Israelis allege that Netanyahu’s government is seeking to harm democratic institutions of the country.
Israeli military raid in the West Bank and the subsequent terrorist attacks in Jerusalem left over 20 people dead and as the situation deteriorates the United States is calling for peace between Israel and Palestine.

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