| 23 July 2024, Tuesday |

Bodies line Gaza hospital wall and surgeons operate in corridors

Health officials in the Hamas-run enclave reported that an Israeli bombardment on a Palestinian refugee camp was the cause of the dozens of bodies that were covered in white and arranged against the side of the Indonesian Hospital in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

The hospital was already having trouble handling the surge of severely injured patients from the Israeli attack; according to reports, doctors had to set up an operating room in a hallway because the main operating rooms were full.

Juggling dwindling supplies of medicines, power cuts and air or artillery strikes that have shaken hospital buildings, surgeons in Gaza work night and day trying to save a constant stream of patients.

“We take it an hour at a time because we don’t know when we will be receiving patients. Several times we’ve had to set up surgical spaces in the corridors and even sometimes in the hospital waiting areas,” said Dr. Mohammed al-Run.

He was speaking soon after a bombardment damaged the Indonesian Hospital near the frontlines of Israel’s military thrust into the crowded Palestinian territory, and with a fuel supply for generators doctors say is about to run out.

Israeli tanks have entered Gaza, home to 2.3 million people, after three weeks of intense bombing of entire districts in response to an Oct. 7 attack by Hamas militants who killed 1,400 people in southern Israel and grabbed 240 hostages.

  • Reuters