| 12 April 2024, Friday |

British Council Deputy CEO Kate Ewart-Biggs visits Lebanon for the first time

The British Council, committed to forging connections, fostering understanding, and building trust through English, Education, and Arts, recently showcased the profound impact of its work in Lebanon through the visit of Kate Ewart-Biggs. This was a multifaceted program that exemplified the British Council’s dedication to nurturing positive futures for all.

Kate’s impactful two-day visit commenced by meeting Minister of Education and Higher Education, Abbas El Halabi, to discuss the transformation “Schools Connect” programme. The meeting resulted in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focused on education policy reform, school leadership enhancement, and curriculum development. Through this collaboration, the British Council will connect Lebanon’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) with UK expertise, facilitating policy dialogue, study visits, and sharing best practices, demonstrating the commitment of the organisation to empowering students and improving educational outcomes in Lebanon.

Immersing herself in the rich cultural heritage of the region, Kate visited the Rachid Karame Fair in Tripoli, where she experienced the unique architecture and the artistic expressions of the community. Additionally, she met with Shift Social Innovation Hub, a key participant in the “TripoLives” initiative, which unites diverse religious and community groups in their efforts to shape a positive future together.

Kate joined the grand inauguration of the British Council’s new office in Lebanon. This momentous occasion provided an opportunity to engage with dedicated staff members and witness first-hand how Lebanon has adapted to new ways of working. The event also featured mesmerizing performances in collaboration with multidisciplinary local arts and cultural organizations, universities, and government departments, highlighting British Council’s commitment to creating transformative opportunities for young people.

During the visit, she met with a diverse range of British Council partners and beneficiaries. She had the opportunity to speak to inspiring young people, entrepreneurs, scholars, artists and community leaders, understanding how the opportunities provided by the British Council add value to both the UK and Lebanon by connecting people, developing mutual understanding and building trust between the two countries.

Kate Ewart-Biggs, Deputy Chief Executive British Council said: “The British Council in Lebanon has a remarkable legacy fostering trust between the UK and Lebanon over almost 80 years. Despite economic challenges, our dedicated colleagues have connected with thousands of students, educators, academics, creatives, and entrepreneurs, forging links with the UK. Having witnessed our work in Lebanon, I am delighted to see the opportunities we provide for young people, empowering them to attain the education, qualifications, and skills necessary to unlock their full potential.”

  • Asharq Al-Awsat