| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

British foreign minister Cameron meets Netanyahu, visits southern Israel

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron met in Jerusalem after Cameron had traveled to the south of the nation to personally inspect the areas impacted by last month’s Hamas attacks.

Former prime minister Cameron, who was assigned to the foreign policy brief last week, is scheduled to meet with Palestinian leaders later to discuss how to resolve the problem, according to the British Foreign Office.

“I wanted to come here in person … to see just the true nature of the horrific attacks that you faced, I think that’s very important to do that and see that, we stand with the people of Israel,” Cameron told Netanyahu.

Cameron’s visit came as war raged on in Gaza, with a proposed truce and release of hostages delayed for at least another day.

“It’s important we talk about this potential humanitarian pause. I think it’s an opportunity to crucially get the hostages out and to get aid into Gaza,” Cameron added. “I hope everyone who is responsible and behind this agreement can make it happen.”

Netanyahu said getting the hostages out was “not without its challenges” but Israel was committed to getting everyone out.

“But we’ll continue with our war aims, namely to eradicate Hamas, because Hamas has already promised that they will do this again and again and again,” he said.

  • alarabiya