| 19 April 2024, Friday |

British PM Johnson urges citizens to lose weight

“We’ll bounce back better together,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told overweight citizens on Thursday, championing his own weight loss and health eating diet to try to convince others to get in shape so as to reduce COVID-19 risks.

After being hospitalized with coronavirus last year, Johnson has often spoken about how he believes his weight was the reason for how severely ill he became and how since then he has adopted a new exercise regime and no late-night cheese diet.

Evidence emerging around the world suggests that people who are overweight or obese are at high risk of getting more severely ill with the deadly virus.

“I’ve been doing a lot, in fact everything I can, to lose weight and to feel fitter and healthier. And what I’ve been doing is I’ve been eating less carbs, avoiding chocolate, no more late night cheese, I’ve been getting up early to go for runs and the result is that I actually have lost some weight,” he said on Twitter, as he uncovered a new scheme to get people fitter.

“What we want to do is encourage another 700,000 people around the country who have the kind of problems that I have had to do the same thing, so we’ll be not just fitter but also healthier and happier and we’ll bounce back better together.”

He added that the government would spend 100 million pounds to help people to access doctors’ appointments, access the right apps to help with weight loss and that it was mulling what he called fit miles schemes as well.

Allegra Stratton, his press secretary, told reporters the British PM had lost most probably more than the 14 pounds (6 kilograms), or a stone, he talks about as she believed he was being modest, adding that he takes his diet “very seriously.”


  • Reuters