| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

British policeman jailed for life for murder and rape of Sarah Everard

On Thursday, a police officer was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping marketing professional Sarah Everard as she walked home on a London street, then rapping and murdering her in a case that rocked the country and sparked protests against violence against women.

According to the Old Bailey court, Wayne Couzens, 48, a serving London police who had secured diplomatic installations, had exploited his position to halt Everard.

Everard, 33, was forced into a rented car by Couzens as she walked home from a friend’s house in south London on March 3. Her body was discovered in southeast England, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away. She died as a result of compression of the neck, according to a post-mortem.

He has no possibility of being released because he is serving a life sentence.

“Nothing can make things better, nothing can bring Sarah back,” Everard’s family said in a statement. “But knowing he will be imprisoned forever brings some solace.”

“Wayne Couzens held a position of trust as a police officer and we are outraged and sickened that he abused this trust in order to lure Sarah to her death.”

The murder prompted public rallies and outpourings of anger from women who have recounted their own experiences and fears of being out alone at night.

One witness saw Everard being handcuffed before her abduction and police investigating the case said he may have used COVID-19 protocols as an excuse to falsely arrest her.

Judge Adrian Fulford said Couzens had long planned a violent sexual assault on a yet-to-be-selected victim who he intended to coerce into his custody.

“I have not the slightest doubt that the defendant used his position as a police officer to coerce her on a wholly false pretext into the car he had hired for this purpose,” Fulford said in sentencing remarks.


The Metropolitan Police Force, which investigated the murder and for whom Couzens worked, said it was “sickened, angered and devastated” by his crimes. Commissioner Cressida Dick has apologized to Everard’s family.

“Our police are there to protect us – and I know that officers will share in our shock and devastation at the total betrayal of this duty,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

Britain’s police watchdog is looking into police failures to investigate an indecent exposure incident linked to Couzens in 2015, and two further such allegations in February this year.

Opposition lawmaker Harriet Harman called on Dick to resign.

“Sarah Everard was simply walking home. Women must be able to trust the police not fear them. Women’s confidence in police will have been shattered,” Harman said on Twitter.

In a statement outside the court, Dick did not address questions about her own position.

“His actions were a gross, betrayal of everything policing stands for. What he did was unthinkable and appalling… this man has brought shame on the Met (police)” she said, describing it as “one of the most dreadful events in the 190-year history of the Metropolitan Police Service”.

“There are no words that can fully express the fury and overwhelming sadness that we all feel about what happened to Sarah. I am so sorry.”

  • Reuters