| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Brussels Airlines to cancel around 700 flights over summer holiday

In order to decrease workload and prevent strikes, Lufthansa’s Belgian affiliate, Brussels Airlines, announced on Monday that it will cancel about 700 flights over the summer vacation season, or around 6% of those booked.

According to Brussels Airlines spokesperson Maaike Andries in an email, “We are meeting the requests of the unions today and we hope it can rule out future actions (this summer).” “We will arrange a meeting with the unions on August 23 to discuss long-term solutions.”

The cancellations would lead to 10.2 million euros ($10.66 million) in lost revenue, the airline added.

Pilot and cabin crew unions of Brussels Airlines held a three-day strike last month, after complaining that the pressure of work was too high and that the company had been aware of the situation for around a year but failed to alleviate it.

Across Europe strikes and staff shortages are forcing airlines to cancel thousands of flights, causing hours-long queues at major airports, dashing hopes of a first summer holiday for many after COVID lockdowns.

  • Reuters