| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Cambodia starts vaccinating six-year-old children against coronavirus

The Cambodian government has initiated vaccine campaign for six to 12-year-olds, after almost a month of vaccinating teenagers against coronavirus.

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen saw his grandchildren being vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus at his office at the Peace Building on September 17.

The decision was taken even after the World Health Organization (WHO) urged countries to prioritise vaccinating vulnerable population in poor countries, instead of first vaccinating children.

This has come a few weeks after Cambodia’s government also launched a booster programme for some selected citizens. Nearly 500,000 to one million frontline workers and their family members in seven provinces bordering Thailand were first ones to receive the booster shot in the country.

The government decided to launch the booster campaign to protect the citizens against the surge in Covid cases around the country and world. This step was also taken keeping in mind the increasing threat of the Delta variant around the world.

Cambodian Prime Minister had earlier, too, stressed on the importance of vaccinating teenagers and children. The leader urged parents to get their children and grandchildren vaccinated as soon as possible to keep them safe from the deadly virus.

“The vaccination for children today is a key step to herd immunity in communities,” said the Cambodian leader. “Children are like bamboo shoots. If the health of children is damaged now, we won’t have good bamboos.”

In addition to Cambodia, Denmark, France and Lithuania have also started vaccinating teenagers. Meanwhile, Israel has offered booster shots to all eligible citizens.