| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Can Boris Johnson survive new allegations from ex-aide?

The war of words between former top aide Dominic Cummings and the British Prime Minister has intensified.

In a volley of tweets on the weekend, Cummings described Britain’s early plan to combat the coronavirus pandemic as a “disaster”.

Perhaps the most contentious of his allegations: the Johnson government’s initial official strategy in March last year to achieve herd immunity without a vaccine, in other words to let the virus rip through the population in order for people to build natural immunity; an allegation the government flatly denies.

When he was fired last year, Cummings took a large amount of documents with him allegedly proving his allegations. He will appear in the British parliament on May 26 where he’s expected to present what he’s called crucial evidence.

But why is Cummings who played an important role in Boris Johnson’s successful 2019 election campaign and was also the architect of Britain’s campaign to leave the European Union lashing out at his former boss?