| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Canada police say several victims in British Columbia shooting

Police in the Canadian province of British Columbia reported that there were numerous casualties from a mass shooting that occurred early on Monday and that one offender was in custody.

Authorities had previously issued an emergency alert for numerous shootings in the city of Langley and requested that locals remain vigilant and keep clear of the incident area.

There were “many victims” in the event, according to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson. The quantity was left out of the statement.

The spokesperson said there were no further details available when asked how many of the victims were injured and how many were deceased. Another police spokesperson said investigators from the Lower Mainland major crimes and integrated homicide investigation team had been brought in.

Police in Langley, a suburb of Vancouver, said they responded to “multiple reports of shots fired with several victims and several different scenes throughout the City of Langley, and one scene in the Township of Langley” and asked the public to remain out of several areas, including the parking lot of a casino and a bus stop.

In an alert sent to B.C. residents’ phones, police said the shootings involved “transient victims”. The alert said the suspect was described as a white man in overalls and a camouflage t-shirt.

A Reuters eyewitness saw two black SUVs, similar to those used by police emergency response teams, in a ditch near one of the shooting sites. One vehicle had bullet holes in the windshield.

  • Reuters