| 23 July 2024, Tuesday |

Canadian police arrest 22 in crackdown on gun and drug smugglers

During a 10-month investigation into a gun- and drug-trafficking network operating in Canada and the United States, Canadian police made 22 arrests, seized 27 firearms, and seized drugs worth C$1.3 million ($1 million), according to officials.

According to Chief Superintendent Paul Mackey of the Ontario Provincial Police, the firearms that were seized were obtained unlawfully and with criminal intent. He said that the crackdown was a collaborative effort between Canadian and American law enforcement.

With gun crime on the rise, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has proposed freezing handgun purchases as part of a broader gun control package under consideration in parliament.

Last week Canada announced a temporary ban on the import of handguns until the legislation is implemented. Canada has much stricter gun laws than the United States.

Police brought more than 400 charges by the time the investigation concluded in late July, according to York Regional Police in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. The drugs included cocaine, fentanyl and heroin.

  • Reuters