| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Can’t believe this really happened, a goalkeeper’s reverse goal

Haiti’s hopes of qualifying for the World Cup were dashed after reaching an unfortunate end this week after its goalkeeper scored a mistake against his team.

After losing 1-0 to Canada in the first leg of the second round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, on Saturday, Haiti was hoping to make up for its loss in the second leg on Tuesday, but the three goals scored by goalkeeper Jose Duverger, one of them, put an end to those ambitions.

After the first half ended without goals, Haiti’s chances were still good by qualifying, but Duverger’s mistake contributed to reducing them and affecting the team’s morale

Duverger had dealt inappropriately with a back pass arrived from his colleague, Kevin Lafrance, to score a goal against himself.

It appears in the recordings that Duverger treated the ball that he received from his colleague with a kind of disdain, as he thought it was easy, before it ended in his net, and the voice of the commentator is heard in the video saying, “You will not believe that this happened.”

Before reaching the goal line, the goalkeeper tried to kick the ball away, but his kick hit nothing but the air, while the ball continued its way to Canadians’ happiness.

Haiti only participated in World Cup once, in 1974.

  • Alhurra