| 12 December 2023, Tuesday |

China halts high-level military dialogue with U.S., suspends other cooperation

In response for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s travel to Taiwan, China has suspended cooperation with the US in a number of sectors, including conversation between senior-level military commanders and climate negotiations, the Chinese government announced on Friday.

China’s foreign ministry also stated that, among eight specific actions, it will stop cooperation with Washington on the prevention of cross-border crime and drug trafficking, as well as on the repatriation of illegal migrants.

China also canceled a scheduled bilateral discussion on a maritime military security mechanism in a statement issued just after Pelosi left Japan on the final leg of her Asian visit.

In reaction to her “vicious” and “provocative” conduct, Beijing declared separately that it would personally censure Pelosi and her immediate family.

Pelosi’s brief travel to self-ruled Taiwan, which China claims as its own, enraged Beijing and prompted extraordinary Chinese military maneuvers in the seas and air around the island.

  • Reuters