| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

China’s bomber carries out mine laying exercise in South China Sea

According to state-run Global Times, China’s H-6J bomber touted as the “latest type of bomber” carried out live-fire exercises in the South China Sea, amid tensions with Taiwan.
Reports claim that the bomber is affiliated to PLA’s southern theatre command. , the exercise involved night trials under heavy clouds.
The Chinese daily said the aircraft laid sea mines and dropped bombs which reportedly targeted islands and reefs.
The bombers carried out another wave of bombing after being supplied with munitions. The Chinese newspaper said the H-6J bomber also had YJ-12 anti-ship missiles and sea mines.
Global Times said the H-6J bomber “displayed traditional bombing capability in addition to standoff strike competence.”
China claims islands in the South China Sea which possesses resource-rich areas including key sea lanes. The islands are also claimed by other countries including Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei.
The US and China have exchanged heated words over the South China Sea issue as US warships have extensively sailed through the disputed zone.
The US recently completed a joint exercise with Japan and other countries in the Philippine Sea off Japan’s southern coast.
Earlier this month, the Biden administration had warned China’s action on Philippine boats as “dangerous, provocative, and unjustified” as Chinese coast guard boats reportedly used water cannons on Philippine vessels in the South China Sea. The US lashed out saying the move undermined “peace and security in the region” amid simmering tension with China.