| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

China’s embassy to Russia criticises treatment of citizens at border

China’s embassy in Russia criticized the treatment of five Chinese people who were denied entrance into Russia, saying the action inconsistent with the two nations’ overall amicable relations.

The five, who were attempting to drive into Russia from Kazakhstan late last month, were denied entrance after four hours of questioning and had their visas cancelled, according to the embassy’s WeChat social media account on Friday.

The embassy met with Russia’s foreign ministry and border agencies, “clearly pointing out that the brutal and excessive law enforcement by Russia in this incident seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens,” the post said.

The embassy cited statements by Russian officials that Russia welcomes and does not have discriminatory policies against Chinese citizens, as well as that the destination on their visa application of the five Chinese did not match their actual destination.

Beijing and Moscow have repeatedly spoken of their strong relations since presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin announced a “no limits” partnership in February 2022, when Putin visited Beijing for the opening of the Winter Olympics days before he launched the Ukraine invasion.

On Friday China said it would send a senior official to Saudi Arabia for weekend talks seeking a peaceful settlement to the war in Ukraine at a forum that excludes Russia – a diplomatic coup for Kyiv, the West and the Saudi hosts.

  • Reuters