| 8 December 2023, Friday |

China’s top envoy warns of bumpy road to planned Biden-Xi summit next month

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the road to an expected meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping will not be smooth, requiring effort from both sides to reach consensus.

The two countries cannot rely on “autopilot to achieve the meeting during the San Francisco summit,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Sunday, citing remarks made by Wang in Washington.

Biden and Xi are expected to meet during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation gathering in San Francisco next month. Officials of two countries have agreed to the summit in principle, though the two sides must still finalize arrangements.

China and US will work together toward the successful realization of the meeting, Wang said, adding that both sides will strive to improve ties between the two nations and hope relations will stabilize as soon as possible.

Earlier, Biden stressed the importance of managing competition and maintaining lines of communication with China during discus-sions with Wang. The talks between the US leader and the Chinese minister did not yield an announcement on whether the two presidents would meet.


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