| 21 June 2021, Monday | النسخة العربية

China’s Xi calls for greater global media reach

According to official news agency Xinhua, China President Xi Jinping stated the country needs to enhance the way it delivers its “tales” to a worldwide audience in order to build a worldwide voice that represents its stature on the world stage.

Xi said it was critical for China to develop its ability to transmit its views abroad in order to showcase a “real, three-dimensional, and comprehensive China” during a Communist Party study gathering on Tuesday, according to Xinhua.

China needed to develop an “international voice” to match its national strength and global status, Xinhua said, citing Xi. It also needed to strengthen propaganda efforts to help foreigners understand the Chinese Communist Party and the way it “strives for the happiness of the Chinese people”.

The country needed to create a team of professionals and adopt “precise communication methods” for different regions, he said.

China’s relationship with foreign media has become increasingly tense in recent years, with local news outlets such as the Global Times often singling out foreign reporters for what it says is biased and unfair coverage.

Several journalists working for U.S. news organizations were expelled last year as relations between the two sides deteriorated.

China has also banned BBC World News from mainland Chinese television networks following criticism of the British broadcaster’s coverage of human rights in the northwestern region of Xinjiang as well as the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.