| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Churches Middle East Council reiterates its call for the Palestinian people’s occupation to be lifted

With the escalation of confrontations in Jerusalem and the dangerous course that developments in the Holy Land are taking, the Middle East Council of Churches issued a statement in which it considered that the violent events raging in occupied Palestine, which are still increasing in intensity daily, are nothing but an inevitable result of pressure and oppression practiced continuously by the occupying powers of the land of Palestine for more than seven decades.

The statement added, “We in the Middle East Council of Churches reaffirm our basic position that has not changed, which considers that lifting the occupation of the Palestinian people and enjoying their freedom, dignity and full rights are the means that lead to lasting stability and peace in the region.

Violence only generates violence and hatred only leads to more hatred, racial discrimination only makes revolution, and extremism only breeds extremism, and deprivation only engenders uprising, and the only way out of this destructive cycle is to give everyone his rights, through recognition of the rights of the oppressed firstly and, secondly, by taking this recognition to the realm of implementation without procrastination or equivocation. ”

The MECC concluded its statement, “Therefore, we urgently demand that the “decision-makers” in the world and all the concerned forces intervene quickly and diligently in order to safeguard the rights and lift the injustice of this people, whose no one else remains under occupation in the twenty-first century and in the era of human rights. This people have the right to live a life of dignity, safety and prosperity, just like the peoples of the world!– Middle East Council of Churches

  • Lebanese National News Agency