| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Corona kills Iranian militias in Syria

With the increase in the number of Coronavirus infections in Syria, the epidemic began to penetrate among the pro-Iranian militia elements in a number of areas, especially in Deir Ezzor, where their presence appears to be concentrated, amid extreme secrecy.

A medical source from inside the militia’s “Fatima Al-Zahraa” hospital in the city of Al-Mayadin, east of Deir Ezzor, confirmed that this medical center has become unable to receive more wounded militia members.

The source also indicated, according to what was reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that the section designated to receive Corona patients was full, with the number of injured inside it reaching more than 65 fighters within days.

In addition, he confirmed that work is underway to equip another department inside the industrial secondary school near the hospital to contain the new injured, and isolate them inside the school.

This comes after the government of the Syrian regime announced on Sunday to reduce work in ministries and public institutions for ten days due to the accelerating spread of the virus, amid a stifling economic crisis.

Iran’s shadow in Deir Ezzor

It is noteworthy that the west bank of the Euphrates River in the Deir Ezzor border governorate with Iraq is the most prominent area of ​​influence of Iran and the groups loyal to it in Syria.

The influence of its militia has gradually strengthened with the spread of armed groups loyal to it of several nationalities in several parts of that region.

It is estimated that there are about 15,000 fighters from the Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani groups loyal to Iran in Deir al-Zour, specifically the area between the border cities of Albu Kamal and Deir al-Zour, passing through Al-Mayadin, according to the observatory.

Among the most prominent of these Iraqi groups are Hezbollah brigade , Sayyid al-Shuhada brigade , Al-Imam Ali brigade , and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba.

While the Lebanese Hezbollah is the most prominent Iranian-backed military force in the region, it has been openly participating in the fighting alongside the regime forces since 2013.

However, the number of his forces declined during the past two years as the intensity of the fighting decreased and the regime forces regained control over about two-thirds of the country.

There are also the Afghan “Fatemiyoun” Brigade and the Pakistani “Zainabiyoun”, which were established by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from Afghan and Pakistani Shiite fighters, according to Al-Arabiya.