| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

Costa Rica investigates biggest national bank heist

Costa Rican authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the disappearance of 3.3 billion colones (equivalent to $6.2 million or €5.9 million) from Banco Nacional, the country’s national bank. This represents the largest such case in the history of Costa Rica.
“We cannot say for sure that this is fraud or that someone stole this cash,” the bank’s interim manager Jaime Murillo told a press conference on Tuesday.

“We are not at that point yet. It is under investigation.”

He said the missing amount is equivalent to 0.06% of the bank’s assets.

What do we know about the suspected heist?
Bank staff noticed the money was missing on October 3 but Murillo said the incident must have taken place in August or earlier.

The bank suspended five workers after the issue came to light and filed complaints against them for embezzlement and a breach of duties.

They include two area supervisors, a technician, a guard and an accountant — all of whom worked worked in the area of the bank that handles currency. No arrests have been made.

Clients of the state-owned bank are not at risk, Murillo added.

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