| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

COVID-19: China detects new Omicron sub-variants BF.7 and BA.5.1.7, with over 1900 cases reported in 24 hours

As COVID cases have increased in the past two months, China is stepping up its effort to control Covid ahead of the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

China reported 1,939 cases on October 9, the highest since August. Shanghai has reported 34 new Covid cases, the highest in three months. The new cases have rose concerns amongst the residents about the potential chances of harsh restrictions. Several residential buildings have already been locked. Several regions under lockdown in Shanghai have received necessary supplies like food from the authority, reported Bloomberg.
Beijing, the capital all set to host the party congress also reported 14 cases in a month. The capital has imposed strict quarantine and testing for travellers returning. It was claimed the city is facing growing pressure to stop the Cocvid outbreak.

The recent surge in cases has increased the pressure on local authorities especially after detecting Omicron sub-variants BF.7 and BA.5.1.7 for the first time.

The world is making efforts to cooperate with Covid, however, China on the other hand has repeatedly refused to do so and chose to stick to its zero-covid policy.

The Asian country has been under severe lockdowns and restrictions. Several social media posts and videos have gone viral reporting the difficulty that the citizens face, highlighting the incapability of the authorities to manage the situation.

Thousands of BF.7 have been reported since October 1 in inner Mongolia, making it the epicentre of active Covid cases ahead of National Day “Golden Week” restricting travel.

Xinjiang has also restrained its citizens from crossing borders, as the cases increase. As per authorities, tourists stranded can temporarily work as plumbers, electricians and even cooks.

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