| 20 May 2024, Monday |

COVID-19: Omicron has high number of mutations compared to Delta, shows first image

Revealing that it contains many more mutations than the Delta variant, The new Covid variant, Omicron, has been imaged for the first time
The famed Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome created and released the three-dimensional picture.
According to Claudia Alteri, professor of clinical microbiology at Milan State University and a researcher at Bambino Gesu, the study team concentrated on looking for changes in “the three-dimensional structure of the spike protein.”
In the three-dimensional “image”, which looks like a map, “we can clearly see that the Omicron variant presents many more mutations than the Delta variant, concentrated above all in one area of the protein that interacts with human cells,”, the team of researchers said in a statement Sunday.