| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Covid patients participated in Israeli elections from hospitals

The Israeli legislative elections came at a time when the country is still suffering from the consequences of the new Corona virus, with hundreds of patients undergoing treatment in medical centers.

Israel increased the number of polling stations and introduced strict procedures inside them, requiring social distancing, but it also provided polling stations inside hospitals so that Covid patients could cast their votes, according to the ” Times of Israel ” newspaper.

While patients cast their votes in hospital Covid-19 departments, coronavirus patients isolated at home directed to 409 special polling places for these cases.

In the control room inside one of Corona’s wings, the nurses who monitor the patients sat next to the election officials and they are one employee of the Central Elections Committee and two party activists who oversee the procedures, according to the Israeli election protocol.

Patient David Nidan, 80, was walking toward the ballot box on Tuesday, wearing hospital pajamas and an oxygen tube in his nose.

Eitan, the official who runs the polling station, helped the patient maintain his balance, as he wore a protective suit to protect him from the coronavirus infection that had kept Nidan in the hospital for the past two weeks.

For most hospital patients who vote – about 700 eligible people in total – the trip to the back of the ward aisle is the longest distance for a patient to be from their bed.

On the other hand, election officials helped some patients who could not move, by moving ballot boxes for them on their beds to cast their ballots in the election.