| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Czech President Zeman to be released from hospital on Wednesday

After an eight-day stay in the hospital, Czech President Milos Zeman, 76, will be released on Wednesday.

In a text message to Reuters, a spokesperson for the Prague Central Military Hospital said Zeman would be released at 11 a.m. She refused to provide any information or answer to concerns regarding his condition or treatment.

A request for response from Zeman’s spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

The presidential office said last week that Zeman, who has used a wheelchair on most official duties for several months due to neuropathy affecting his legs, underwent a thorough medical check at Prague’s military hospital which found that he was suffering from dehydration and slight exhaustion.

It said that “above-limit” levels related to diabetes, which Zeman had suffered from in previous years, were not detected, but his neuropathy problems continued.

The Czech Republic holds a parliamentary election on Oct. 8-9.

While the government holds most executive powers in the Czech constitutional system, the directly elected president is a key player in personnel appointments including that of the prime minister.

Zeman has backed the current prime minister, Andrej Babis, whose centrist, populist ANO party leads opinion polls ahead of the election.

  • Reuters