| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Daesh/ISIS threat ‘remains high,’ UN chief warns

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Thursday, that the threat to international peace and security posed by the Daesh/ISIS terrorist group “remains high” and is of particular concern near conflict zones.

Laying out the UN chief’s Daesh/ISIS report before the Security Council, Vladimir Voronkov, Guterres’ top official for counter-terrorism, said the threat has “increased” near areas of active hostilities where the terrorist group and its affiliates are active.

“The secretary-general’s reports have dutifully recorded this unfortunate trend, which should prompt us all to rethink and revise our efforts to counter the group, especially those that rely disproportionately on the use of force,” he said.

“The level of terrorist activity continues to be a concern to member states,” he added.

Voronkov said Daesh/ISIS has continued to use drones to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance missions and has used virtual platforms to fundraise and radicalize and recruit new supporters.

He further said the “dire situation” in camps in northeast Syria “persists,” warning that the status quo poses significant “humanitarian, human rights, legal and security risks.”

“The pace of reparations remained too slow, and children continue to bear the brunt of this catastrophe,” he said, urging nations to repatriate their nationals from the detention centers.

“It’s a global challenge, not only the foreign terrorist fighters (moving) between different theaters of conflict, but also, the list of issues for when they return extends from accountability and prosecution for suspected crimes to managing associated family members as well as rehabilitation and reintegration,” he added.

  • Anadolu Agency