| 7 October 2022, Friday |

Death toll from Jordan building collapse rises to 14

The death toll from the collapse of an old four-storey residential building in the Jordanian capital this week has risen to 14 after the last body was exhumed from the rubble, a Jordanian security source said Saturday.

Public Security Directorate spokesman Amer Al-Sartawi said that strenuous search and rescue operations were made since the building’s collapse.

“After difficult, continuous and multiple search and rescue operations that lasted for more than 84 hours, the search and rescue teams were able to evacuate the last body from under the rubble. The death toll reported is 14,” he said.

The last body exhumed belonged to a woman. Rescuers had recovered the bodies of two of her daughters in the previous days.

At least 25 people were in the dilapidated building in Amman’s Webdeh district when it crumbled on Tuesday.

Civil defense rescuers have been working to remove concrete slabs and lift debris in a desperate search for survivors.

At least 350 rescuers, as well as drones and police dogs, were taking part in the search operations.

The building owner was reportedly doing maintenance when the building collapsed.

On Wednesday, the Public Prosecutor in Amman decided to arrest three people in connection with the case, the son of the building owner and supervisor, the maintenance contractor, and the maintenance technician, after they were charged with “crimes of causing death and harm.”

  • Asharq Al-Awsat