| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Death toll from Russian air strikes on Chernihiv city rises to 47: Local authorities

Reuters reported on Friday, citing regional authorities, that 47 people were killed in Russian air attacks on a residential neighborhood of the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv on Thursday, up from a previous death toll of 33.

According to local emergency services, rescue work had to be halted on Thursday owing to severe bombardment.

Chernihiv is a town located 120 kilometers (75 miles) northeast of Kyiv, which Russian soldiers have attempted to conquer from the north.

Deputy Mayor Regina Gusak of Chernihiv told AFP that the city had been targeted by a Russian “bombing raid.”

Images published by Ukraine’s emergency service show plumes of smoke billowing from seriously damaged apartments, debris strewn over a yard, and rescuers carrying dead on stretchers.

“Russian aircraft also attacked two schools and private homes in the Staraya Podusivka region [of Chernihiv].” Vyacheslav Chaus, the governor of the Chernihiv region, announced on Telegram that rescuers are working in the area.

Despite extensive evidence to the contrary, Russia has claimed that it does not target civilian areas since invading Ukraine a week ago.

The strikes occurred as officials from Ukraine and Russia met on the Belarus-Poland border on Thursday to discuss a truce.

In a phone discussion with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, Putin vowed to continue his advance in Ukraine.

Even as a bombardment of Western sanctions threatens to ruin Moscow’s economy, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown no signs of backing down.

  • Reuters