| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Demonstrations in several Italian cities in solidarity with the Palestinian people

The Palestinian community and civil society in Rome, on Saturday, called for a massive demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Participants began arriving in hundreds to the Republic Square a while ago, chanting slogans in support of “a free Palestinian state, with no aggression against the Palestinian people.”

The National News Agency followed-up on the demonstration, in which a large number of university students took part, including students of the American University in Rome.

Head of the Palestinian community in Rome, Youssef Salman, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the supporters of Palestine, saying: “We want to send a message to the world about the crimes committed by the occupation authorities against the Palestinian people, and the policy of racial discrimination, and expansion at the expense of the property and rights of the Palestinian people.”

  • NNA