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‘Dictator for a day’: Biden labels Trump a threat to democracy; reaffirms commitment to Israel

President Joe Biden conveyed at a political fundraiser that he sees opponent Donald Trump as a threat to US democracy, suggesting that Trump had purportedly pledged to act as a dictator for a day if elected in 2024. Additionally, in a separate speech, President Biden pledged ongoing support from the US to Israel.
“The other day he said he wants to be a dictator only on one day, wipe out the civil servants and a whole range of other things,” said Biden.
“He (Trump) embraces political violence instead of rejecting it. We can’t let that happen,” Biden told donors.

What did Trump say?
On Saturday, during a speech, Trump repeated a statement he made last week during a Fox News town hall. He said that he did not intend to become a dictator if he won the presidency again, except “on day one”.

“I said I want to be a dictator for one day,” he said during the New York Young Republican Club annual gala.

“And you know why I wanted to be a dictator? Because I want a wall, right? I want a wall and I want to drill, drill, drill.” At the Fox town hall, he had spoken nearly identical words.
His comments prompted chants of “Build the Wall” from the gala crowd.

As per White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, Biden “has been working to protect American democracy and to unite people of all political views against these unprecedented threats”.

Without mentioning Trump by name, he added, “And I want to say it is wrong to suspend the Constitution and abuse federal power to persecute critics and trample the First Amendment.”

Biden on Israel
At a White House reception to mark Hanukkah, Biden pledged that the US will “continue to provide military assistance to Israel until they get rid of Hamas.”

However, as per The Times of Israel, the US President cautioned, “We have to be careful — they have to be careful. The whole world’s public opinion can shift overnight. We can’t let that happen.”

“As I said after the (Oct 7) attack, my commitment to the safety of the Jewish people, and the security of Israel, its right to exist as an independent Jewish state, is unshakeable.”

“Were there no Israel, there wouldn’t be a Jew in the world who is safe,” he said, prompting a loud applause.

“The warmth and connection I feel to the Jewish community is unquestionable,” he said, adding, “I ran into trouble and criticism when I said a few years ago that you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist, and I am a Zionist.”

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