| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Dubai customs arrest airport passenger who claimed 8.9 kilos of marijuana was henna

An Asian traveler was detained by Dubai Customs on Tuesday while trying to enter Dubai International Airport with 8.9 kg of marijuana.

The drugs, which the person said were henna powder, were crushed up and hidden in tiny bags, the statement said.

Inspectors from Dubai Customs had grown suspicious about a luggage that had come through inspection equipment following a trip from an Asian nation.

During its operations, Dubai Customs’ departments regularly use cutting-edge technologies, innovative electronic services, and artificial intelligence to conduct their inspections. Images revealed unusual density inside the bag, prompting the Airport Passenger Operations Department to monitor both the bag and the passenger.

A manual search of the passenger, who displayed signs of confusion, revealed a powder suspected to be 8.9 kilograms of marijuana, Dubai Customs said in its statement.

The narcotics, as well as the passenger, were handed over to the General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police.

Dubai Customs said it was committed to protecting the community by thwarting attempts to smuggle prohibited substances through the customs outlets in Dubai, aligning with their mission to safeguard the community and promote sustainable economic development through dedication, facilitation, and innovation.

Ibrahim Al-Kamali, the Director of Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, emphasized the crucial role of Dubai Customs as a deterrent against smuggling through its various customs outlets.

  • alarabiya