| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Dutch police cordon off area around parliament in the hague responding to ‘bomb threat’ (Video)

The police closed off the Binnenhof – a complex of buildings where both houses of the Dutch parliament, as well as the office of the Prime Minister, are situated.

The Dutch police in The Hague have cordonned off the area adjacent to the States General of the Netherlands – the country’s bicameral legislature. According to the official Twitter of the local law enforcement, the officers were responding to a bomb threat. The police said they launched an investigation, but provided no further details.

According to De Telegraaf newspaper, the Binnenhof was evacuated and the House of Representatives building was closed. ​ The evacuation order was issued as journalists arrived at the Binnenhof for a news conference about forming the new government after last week’s vote.

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